Introducing the Preedy Neck

The Bartikins manikin, “Preedy Neck”, is designed to be a low cost Central Venous Catheter insertion manikin.

It is created to be cost effective to give each student their own manikin to practice on and therefore give each student a first puncture experience . The  manikin  realistically  emulates the full procedure of performing an ultrasound guided Central Venous Catheter insertion. Designed by Barts Health NHS trust, the biggest NHS Trust in the U.K. by clinical skills tutors and clinicians.

Cost Effective Training

Inexpensive manikin with very low cost consumables

Practice Full Procedures

Ability to practice full procedure including ultrasound guidance

Model Per Candidate

One model per candidate with first puncture experience

Preparing for use

Follow the steps below to prepare your Preedy Neck for use.


Secure vein & artery in place with routing clip A & clamping clip B



Route vein through base of box & secure. Seal lid of box with clips



Measure gelatine using the container on the base of box & mix with water



Stand product upright, pour in mixed gelatine & leave in fridge to set


Video Guides

An overview of the process of how to use the Preedy Neck.

Pouring in blood

short description

Mixing Gelatine

short description

Manikin in use

short description

Mixing Silicone

short description

Pre-Order the Preedy Neck

The Preedy Neck is available for pre-order now. Get in touch to register your interest.